Tim Slater is the VP of Engineering, CTO and co-founder of SiVerta, Inc.  Mr. Slater was also a co-founder of
Xros, Inc. and the co-inventor of its basic patented technologies.  He was also the original architect of the
optical system that was the core of the Xros’ optical cross connect switch.  In addition, he developed several
generations of the MEMS mirrors used in the heart of the optical cross connect.  

Earlier at Xros, Mr. Slater designed and fabricated scanning mirror assemblies that were licensed to
Microvision Inc. (
Microvision Product Info).  This technology is used in all of their heads-up display products.  
While at Xros Mr. Slater also developed and fabricated working MEMS profilometer components, rate gyro
components, and flowmeter components; all based on patented technology.

Prior to founding Xros, Mr. Slater spent a year doing contract R&D at Nanostructures.  He was the principal
researcher for the design and fabrication of the first operating vision restoration retinal implants for
OptoBionics.  These devices are currently in FDA human trials, see
Optobionics Product Info.   As reported widely in television and print, the implants give a substantial vision
improvement for those subjects tested.

Mr. Slater also spent several years as an independent contract R&D consultant.  While consulting at IMEC he
invented, designed and fabricated a micromachined thermal switch for satellite temperature control, and
authored or co-authored 4 papers in the field of MEMS.  As a consultant for MTI Analytical Instruments he was
the technical and operations lead for all micromachining research and production efforts.  Mr. Slater developed
technology to allow construction of a miniature high-temperature valve (250C operation, silicon/glass wetted
path), and designed and developed new products including a gas multiplexing microvalve array, and a new-
generation thermal conductivity detector.  In conjunction with Adagio he co-invented gyro, mirror, and
profilometer patent suites later transferred to Xros Inc.  He collaborated on a variety of projects, creating
scanning optical assemblies and other micromachined or silicon-based devices.

Mr. Slater got his start in MEMS at Teknekron Sensor Development, where he was a Research Engineer.  
While at Teknekron he was the principal researcher and developer of the Park Scientific (www.park.com)
atomic force microscope tips.  He brought two Park Scientific probes to product stage, transferred technology
to internal production staff (Supertip and Ultralever) and subsequently to client.

Prior to entering the MEMS field Mr. Slater was a Process Engineer at IDT responsible for ion implant and
parametric testing.

Mr. Slater has a BSEE and MSEE from UC Santa Barbara.  He has over 20 issued patents with several still